Kinzer Projects Agent Update

Kinzer Projects offers a valuable service, not just to clients, but to our agents as well. Every day our staffing managers pre-screen job leads on behalf of the agents. Before the agents have even seen the potential clients, we’ve already given them a thorough pre-assessment.

Just this morning, Ms. Katy Willis came across a potential client offering an office assistant position. The hours would have worked very well but she knew something did not seem on track with the client. After an initial interview, it was realized this position was a front for an identity theft scam! Good job looking out for our agents, Katy!

Even though, to our agents, it may appear as though we are moving slowly, we are making great strides here in Kinzer Projects. Currently, we are experimenting with multiple staffing managers in charge of acquiring work through multiple platforms. The experiment so far is going well, but only the brave wish to partake in it.

We do envision a “high risk” pool starting up soon. This pool will be high risk because we will be pulling jobs off of sources where there is no official oversight. We do wish to have a bit more of a financial cushion before we start with these, however.

With over 100 agents, Kinzer Projects is ready to serve the needs of our clients. Each agent is on standby ready, and waiting. We at Kinzer Projects cannot express our gratitude enough. We know that good agents are not easy to come by. We not only have good agents, we have the best!



Originally posted August 2012

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