Year End Status Updates

Kinzer Projects is a bootstrap startup company. 2012 was our first feasibility study. We wanted to see if this company concept could be done, what the weak points would be, as well as risks and rewards. We had to reach certain thresholds in order to keep operating and justify other expenditures. We have reached those thresholds.

Starting in January 2013, those who wish to be paid by check may do so, though they may be charged a fee of up to $6 if they do not have a Bank of America account. Those holding Bank of America accounts can also receive their pay without fees through direct deposit. We will be exploring other options for non-BoA account holders after the new year.

Those being paid through Paypal need to be aware that Paypal is requiring all business payments not be pushed through as “personnel.” Going forward, all payments will have to be sent through as either goods or services. We are looking into being able to offer direct deposit for all agents and contractors as we wish to move away from the Paypal platform.

Our year end numbers are:
Earnings: $22255.85
Contractor payments: 15529.45
Business Expenses: 3307
KP Profit: 3419.40

While Kinzer Projects has been in operation since 2007, this was our first year of “going solo” so to speak. This was our first year operating under our own flag, instead of managing projects for other platforms. These numbers show that we are going places, together. Most businesses don’t operate in the black within their first year!

Our busiest time was during November. For the month of November, Kinzer Projects paid out over $10,000 to agents on our Othello project alone! Wow! That is a HUGE number for one month, and it was 2/3 of our payouts. We hit it once; we can and will hit it again! With continued hard work and determination, we can reach the moon.

Our feasibility goal for 2013 is simply to pay out $30,000 to agents and contractors within a year’s time. If we hit that goal, we will apply for our S-Corp status. In 2014, we want to pay out $30,000 per quarter for full corporate status.

We have been given just a small sample of what we can do. After the holidays, we will be moving forward in an effort to increase income for each agent and contractor.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone for a fantastic year. I look forward to many more years of growth together. Happy holidays to everyone, no matter which holiday you celebrate!


Dana and Thad Kinzer
Kinzer Projects, LLC

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