Giving a Moment of Thanks

It has been a busy, yet wonderful week! We’ve almost completed most of our site updates, and have gotten 20% of our agent profiles uploaded. You can test out our Agent Profiles page at I guarantee that you will like it!

Each day, as we move forward, I sit back in amazement at all of the things we’ve accomplished thus far. I look at everything we will accomplish as well. Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot of business leaders say that they built their businesses themselves. As CEO of Kinzer Projects, I find that statement to be a bit of a mistruth. I don’t believe these leaders are intentionally deceiving the public or even themselves, just that they’ve lost sight of the bigger picture.

At Kinzer Projects, we know that no matter how much success we experience, that success comes to us thanks to our agents, our friends, and our customers. There is no way any person can start a company completely from scratch, without taking out small business loans, unless they have the support of their workforce, their friends and their customers.

That’s a pretty powerful thing to say, isn’t it? It’s a powerful thing to recognize! So tonight, all of us at Kinzer Projects, want to take a moment to tell each one of you thank you.

Thank you for the support that got us going, kept us moving, and pushes us forward every single day. We’re not just a start up. We’re a bootstrap company; meaning we’re pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps! That’s not an easy task, and it’s one that would be impossible without your support!

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