What are the benefits of working with Kinzer Projects?

When working with Kinzer Projects, you aren’t losing time with having to find the workforce. We get that done through the agency. We also train the workforce to meet your specific requirements. We perform all quality assurance on the work performed in order to ensure 100% total satisfaction. For any writing work performed through the agency, we edit the work submitted, and we perform a Copyscape check on everyone to ensure 100% original work is turned in. The benefits don’t stop there though!

Payroll Advantage

I am sure you’ve noticed how much time it takes to pay everyone out each week. Between keeping track of work performed and making payments to each writer, it is very easy to get overwhelmed. We haven’t even talked about 1099s yet! In fact, our invoicing system is so simple; it allows you to pay us directly through the invoice with either Paypal or a credit card!

When you hire an agency, you are hiring a full service management team. You make just one payment for services performed that week. You send out only one 1099 for work performed through the agency. (We cannot send 1099′s for services performed outside of the agency.)

Workforce Management Services

Working through an agency is beneficial to the workforce as well. Instead of sending you their questions and concerns, and dealing with multiple issues at once, they will be sending those questions and concerns through the agency. They have one person that they can hold accountable. Furthermore, because the agency requires invoices to be paid at certain time periods, the workforce knows when they will be paid. We make it so simple for clients to pay their invoices that we have not yet had an issue with non-payments or overdue payments. As work from home contractors, the workforce needs to know when their next check is coming in. Working through an agency helps to assure the workforce of timely payments.

Agency Disadvantages

Of course, there are some drawbacks to working through an agency as well. For example, we do require a legally binding contract to be signed, especially when it concerns bulk amounts of work. However, you and I will work out the details of that contract together. We do require a 20% down payment when bulk orders are placed, (amounts greater than $50.) This is placed into an escrow account and is not touched. If you are happy with the work, you only pay the remaining 80%. If you are unhappy with the work, then we correct the issue! The 20% down payment assures the agency, and our agents that you are committed to paying the invoices in a timely manner once all work is completed.

Kinzer Projects Agency Benefits

The benefits far outweigh the drawbacks though.

1. We’re handling your workforce, which gives you more time to handle your business! You can now focus on growing your customer base and increasing that bottom line.
2. You only have to pay one company, instead of several individuals. This saves time, and makes much simpler record keeping!
3. We’re handling your workforce; we’re performing quality assurance on their work, and we’re paying them out. This leaves you more time to spend with your friends and family!
4. We’re handling the workforce’s question, concerns and/or complaints. Go ahead and put the Ibuprofen and Excedrin away. We’ll get it from here!

Dana Kinzer
Kinzer Projects

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