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I believe that by the year 2015, the world will see a great shift in the way that we work. We’ll be online more, doing things from home as much as possible. Our failing economy will require big businesses to stop operating expensive buildings and instead, allow their work forces to work at home. There is also a growing disdain for companies that outsource their work to other countries. These businesses, both large and small, will start looking to our own home shores to get their work completed.

The beauty of the Internet is that you can find almost anything you need, right at your fingertips. Whether you need spreadsheets reconciled, or minor repetitive tasks completed, you only need to know where to look. Kinzer Projects aims to be your one stop source for all your workforce needs.

Whether you need marketing copy, short articles, or a team to man your phone lines, we’re here for you. With a wide variety of abilities, our fluid team is able to shrink and grow according to your needs. Give us a call to see how Kinzer Projects can help you with your task and project management needs.



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Year End Status Updates

Kinzer Projects is a bootstrap startup company. 2012 was our first feasibility study. We wanted to see if this company concept could be done, what the weak points would be, as well as risks and rewards. We had to reach certain thresholds in order to keep operating and justify other expenditures. We have reached those thresholds.

Starting in January 2013, those who wish to be paid by check may do so, though they may be charged a fee of up to $6 if they do not have a Bank of America account. Those holding Bank of America accounts can also receive their pay without fees through direct deposit. We will be exploring other options for non-BoA account holders after the new year.

Those being paid through Paypal need to be aware that Paypal is requiring all business payments not be pushed through as “personnel.” Going forward, all payments will have to be sent through as either goods or services. We are looking into being able to offer direct deposit for all agents and contractors as we wish to move away from the Paypal platform.

Our year end numbers are:
Earnings: $22255.85
Contractor payments: 15529.45
Business Expenses: 3307
KP Profit: 3419.40

While Kinzer Projects has been in operation since 2007, this was our first year of “going solo” so to speak. This was our first year operating under our own flag, instead of managing projects for other platforms. These numbers show that we are going places, together. Most businesses don’t operate in the black within their first year!

Our busiest time was during November. For the month of November, Kinzer Projects paid out over $10,000 to agents on our Othello project alone! Wow! That is a HUGE number for one month, and it was 2/3 of our payouts. We hit it once; we can and will hit it again! With continued hard work and determination, we can reach the moon.

Our feasibility goal for 2013 is simply to pay out $30,000 to agents and contractors within a year’s time. If we hit that goal, we will apply for our S-Corp status. In 2014, we want to pay out $30,000 per quarter for full corporate status.

We have been given just a small sample of what we can do. After the holidays, we will be moving forward in an effort to increase income for each agent and contractor.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone for a fantastic year. I look forward to many more years of growth together. Happy holidays to everyone, no matter which holiday you celebrate!


Dana and Thad Kinzer
Kinzer Projects, LLC

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Giving a Moment of Thanks

It has been a busy, yet wonderful week! We’ve almost completed most of our site updates, and have gotten 20% of our agent profiles uploaded. You can test out our Agent Profiles page at I guarantee that you will like it!

Each day, as we move forward, I sit back in amazement at all of the things we’ve accomplished thus far. I look at everything we will accomplish as well. Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot of business leaders say that they built their businesses themselves. As CEO of Kinzer Projects, I find that statement to be a bit of a mistruth. I don’t believe these leaders are intentionally deceiving the public or even themselves, just that they’ve lost sight of the bigger picture.

At Kinzer Projects, we know that no matter how much success we experience, that success comes to us thanks to our agents, our friends, and our customers. There is no way any person can start a company completely from scratch, without taking out small business loans, unless they have the support of their workforce, their friends and their customers.

That’s a pretty powerful thing to say, isn’t it? It’s a powerful thing to recognize! So tonight, all of us at Kinzer Projects, want to take a moment to tell each one of you thank you.

Thank you for the support that got us going, kept us moving, and pushes us forward every single day. We’re not just a start up. We’re a bootstrap company; meaning we’re pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps! That’s not an easy task, and it’s one that would be impossible without your support!

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Welcome to our new site!

Welcome to the new website for Kinzer Projects, LLC. Let me tell you, this was not an easy task, and in fact, there is still much to do! The coming weeks will see many upgrades and improvements to each section of our website. In fact, the entire site was designed with future growth in mind!

Our original website,, was designed as part of a feasibility study. It wasn’t really designed for growth as first, we needed to know if our services would sell well. Now that we have passed the first phase of our feasibility, it is time to move on to the second.

The second phase of our feasibility study begins with advertising.  We want to reach out to new clients in ways we haven’t tried before. Our pages are not SEO heavy because we want to deliver a clear message; one that is not muddled by repetitive terms. We want our text to be clear and simple to not only read, but to understand.

Further, we designed the new website to be light. While we will have some images in the coming weeks, we do not want to be heavy on the graphics. We believe that our website would reach out to more clients and agents if it is clean, simple, and loads quickly. A website heavy in images, sounds and video files take longer to load and run on fewer devices.

These methods were chosen as part of our marketing effort. We understand that without the heavy SEO, we will need to do heavier advertising. At the same time, we believe that due to our methods of easy to read content and easy to load webpages, our clients and agents will gladly spread this site around. What we gain in word of mouth advertising will far outweigh what we lose with the lack of SEO and flash.

I want to thank everyone for your support, and your assistance these past few months. Without you, Kinzer Projects would not have made it through the first feasibility study. We are anxious to build our business by helping you to build yours.

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Come and Watch Us Grow!

As our customer base and our agency grows, so does the need for new products and services. As much as I love our current webhost, we are held back by some of the limitations they offer. Our webhost for our main site,, is intended more for very small organizations. While their customer service makes their costs a value, we are unable to add everything that we need.

So with that, a new website is under construction! For our agents, we plan to add the follow features:

New Agent Orientation
Agent Specialty Pages

For our clients, we plan to offer:

Client specific training pages for agents
Agent database – allow the clients to browse and pick their favorite agents to work with
Progress tracking

For our management, we plan to add:

Specialized project management software
Communications portal
Email addresses
Integration with Google Business

As you can see, we have a lot planned! We will release each piece as it reaches completion. Multiple pieces will be on separate subdomains to help aid in security of the information, ease of management, and ease of release. Instead of waiting for the entire website to be completed, we can release each piece as it comes available.

Our simple and no fuss website design is about to grow. Come grow with us!

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What are the benefits of working with Kinzer Projects?

When working with Kinzer Projects, you aren’t losing time with having to find the workforce. We get that done through the agency. We also train the workforce to meet your specific requirements. We perform all quality assurance on the work performed in order to ensure 100% total satisfaction. For any writing work performed through the agency, we edit the work submitted, and we perform a Copyscape check on everyone to ensure 100% original work is turned in. The benefits don’t stop there though!

Payroll Advantage

I am sure you’ve noticed how much time it takes to pay everyone out each week. Between keeping track of work performed and making payments to each writer, it is very easy to get overwhelmed. We haven’t even talked about 1099s yet! In fact, our invoicing system is so simple; it allows you to pay us directly through the invoice with either Paypal or a credit card!

When you hire an agency, you are hiring a full service management team. You make just one payment for services performed that week. You send out only one 1099 for work performed through the agency. (We cannot send 1099′s for services performed outside of the agency.)

Workforce Management Services

Working through an agency is beneficial to the workforce as well. Instead of sending you their questions and concerns, and dealing with multiple issues at once, they will be sending those questions and concerns through the agency. They have one person that they can hold accountable. Furthermore, because the agency requires invoices to be paid at certain time periods, the workforce knows when they will be paid. We make it so simple for clients to pay their invoices that we have not yet had an issue with non-payments or overdue payments. As work from home contractors, the workforce needs to know when their next check is coming in. Working through an agency helps to assure the workforce of timely payments.

Agency Disadvantages

Of course, there are some drawbacks to working through an agency as well. For example, we do require a legally binding contract to be signed, especially when it concerns bulk amounts of work. However, you and I will work out the details of that contract together. We do require a 20% down payment when bulk orders are placed, (amounts greater than $50.) This is placed into an escrow account and is not touched. If you are happy with the work, you only pay the remaining 80%. If you are unhappy with the work, then we correct the issue! The 20% down payment assures the agency, and our agents that you are committed to paying the invoices in a timely manner once all work is completed.

Kinzer Projects Agency Benefits

The benefits far outweigh the drawbacks though.

1. We’re handling your workforce, which gives you more time to handle your business! You can now focus on growing your customer base and increasing that bottom line.
2. You only have to pay one company, instead of several individuals. This saves time, and makes much simpler record keeping!
3. We’re handling your workforce; we’re performing quality assurance on their work, and we’re paying them out. This leaves you more time to spend with your friends and family!
4. We’re handling the workforce’s question, concerns and/or complaints. Go ahead and put the Ibuprofen and Excedrin away. We’ll get it from here!

Dana Kinzer
Kinzer Projects

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Kinzer Projects Agent Update

Kinzer Projects offers a valuable service, not just to clients, but to our agents as well. Every day our staffing managers pre-screen job leads on behalf of the agents. Before the agents have even seen the potential clients, we’ve already given them a thorough pre-assessment.

Just this morning, Ms. Katy Willis came across a potential client offering an office assistant position. The hours would have worked very well but she knew something did not seem on track with the client. After an initial interview, it was realized this position was a front for an identity theft scam! Good job looking out for our agents, Katy!

Even though, to our agents, it may appear as though we are moving slowly, we are making great strides here in Kinzer Projects. Currently, we are experimenting with multiple staffing managers in charge of acquiring work through multiple platforms. The experiment so far is going well, but only the brave wish to partake in it.

We do envision a “high risk” pool starting up soon. This pool will be high risk because we will be pulling jobs off of sources where there is no official oversight. We do wish to have a bit more of a financial cushion before we start with these, however.

With over 100 agents, Kinzer Projects is ready to serve the needs of our clients. Each agent is on standby ready, and waiting. We at Kinzer Projects cannot express our gratitude enough. We know that good agents are not easy to come by. We not only have good agents, we have the best!



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Your Virtual Workforce Solution

Home sourcing is a growing trend in the current job market. In the pursuit of a better work/life balance, many workers are choosing to work from home. Each day, more companies start to home source their workloads as they recognize the savings and convenience it provides.

Kinzer Projects is a Virtual Workforce Management Services company that manages the virtual workforce so that company leads can manage their businesses. Kinzer Projects offers a truly scalable workforce that is ready to go at a moment’s notice. Whether a company needs articles written or edited, data entry services, or even inbound or outbound calling services, Kinzer Projects is ready to meet your needs.

For more information, please call 1-800-211-3466


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